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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Two Weeks

I have received the plan for my first two weeks! I will land in India on November 17th and will get to spend three days exploring the country. While I will be on my own for travel, I will be connecting with a few people working with the WWF India. I will be staying in a hostel in New Dehli, which will provide daily internet access! I hope to get to travel around Old Dehli & New Dehli.. keeping my fingers crossed I have time to make the trek to the Taj Mahal.

On the morning of November 20th I will board a small plane and fly to Paro Airport in Bhutan. My first 12 days will be spent in Thimphu (the capital city) getting acquainted with the country & the customs. I will be staying in a hotel in Bhutan, spending time learning how this tiny country operates. (Keeping in mind it wasn't until 1999 that Internet & television were made "legal"). My headquarters will be at the offices of WWF Bhutan where I will get all the details on my assignments & projects. On December 3rd I will repack everything & head to Wangchuck National Park.

As of today, every i has been dotted & all t's have been crossed. I have 3 different visas, a new passport, booked 7 flights, been re-vaccinated & have all my medications. All thats left to do is pack & get on the plane! 19 days left ....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glossary of Terms

Dasho - term of honor for high ranking official; usually designated by a red dichu given by the King
Dichu - long scarf worn around the gho, usually of a specific color to signify rank
Dzong - fortress monastery of the Buddhist religion
Dzongkhag - district
Goemba - a Buddhist Monastery
Gho - term for the national men's dress in Bhutan
Gup - local governor or high ranking official
Kira - term for the national women's dress in Bhutan
Lhakhang - temple
Puja - expressions of honor or worship
Stupa - hemispherical Buddhist structure

One Month to Go

After job rearranging, budget tightening, and tons of research I have accepted a position with the World Wildlife Fund, International. I will be traveling to a very small country called Bhutan. Bhutan is a Buddhist country about the size of Switzerland and ranges from deep valleys to the tops of the Himalayas.

I will also have the opportunity to explore India.

My trip begins November 16th at 6:25am and lasts for four months, as I return March 23rd. The WWF is committed to preserving and maintaining the greatest biologically diverse areas in the world. They have recently established a new National Park in Bhutan. It is called Wangchuck Centennial Park and located in the Central Northern region of the country. I will be working alongside the WWF Bhutan Office establishing the Living Himalayas Program.

My main objective is to create conservation materials (brochures, pamphlets, animal information sheets, etc) for the new national park. I will also be serving as a liaison between the WWF Bhutan and other environmental groups for the duration of my stay. Part of this will include creating a photographic database for the park, which includes documenting current species of plant and wildlife. Animals known to be in the area are red pandas, bengal tigers, snow leopards, takin, black-necked cranes, wild dogs (dholes), and a variety of jungle antelope. In the last year at least three previously believed extinct species of bird were rediscovered. This is truly an untouched, unmarred territory.

Wish me luck!

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