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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Two Weeks

I have received the plan for my first two weeks! I will land in India on November 17th and will get to spend three days exploring the country. While I will be on my own for travel, I will be connecting with a few people working with the WWF India. I will be staying in a hostel in New Dehli, which will provide daily internet access! I hope to get to travel around Old Dehli & New Dehli.. keeping my fingers crossed I have time to make the trek to the Taj Mahal.

On the morning of November 20th I will board a small plane and fly to Paro Airport in Bhutan. My first 12 days will be spent in Thimphu (the capital city) getting acquainted with the country & the customs. I will be staying in a hotel in Bhutan, spending time learning how this tiny country operates. (Keeping in mind it wasn't until 1999 that Internet & television were made "legal"). My headquarters will be at the offices of WWF Bhutan where I will get all the details on my assignments & projects. On December 3rd I will repack everything & head to Wangchuck National Park.

As of today, every i has been dotted & all t's have been crossed. I have 3 different visas, a new passport, booked 7 flights, been re-vaccinated & have all my medications. All thats left to do is pack & get on the plane! 19 days left ....


  1. Good luck, have fun, and blog alot!!!

  2. Why did you have to get a new passport?

    Hope you can blog often like your last trip....It will be amazing to follow your journey.

    All our best!
    xoxo Houstons