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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glossary of Terms

Dasho - term of honor for high ranking official; usually designated by a red dichu given by the King
Dichu - long scarf worn around the gho, usually of a specific color to signify rank
Dzong - fortress monastery of the Buddhist religion
Dzongkhag - district
Goemba - a Buddhist Monastery
Gho - term for the national men's dress in Bhutan
Gup - local governor or high ranking official
Kira - term for the national women's dress in Bhutan
Lhakhang - temple
Puja - expressions of honor or worship
Stupa - hemispherical Buddhist structure

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  1. Too bad I'm just seeing this post NOW...I thought it was so funny you'd post all these htngs with all these words like we were supposed to know what they meant....well I guess we WERE supposed to know :-)