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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Long Trip Home

How I am getting home...

3.20.2010 - I leave this morning (Saturday) for Paro, Bhutan. I will sightsee there for the day and check into a hotel.

3.21.2010 - My flight from Paro to Dehli, India leaves a little before noon and will take about 3 hours. I will me met at the airport and taken to my hostel in India.

3.22.2010 - I have the entire day in Dehli free, though I am not sure if I will see some more sights or just head early to the airport. My flight leaves Dehli for JKF in New York at 12:30AM.

3.23.2010 - The flight from Delhi will take 16 hours and from here I take 2 more planes, the first to Salt Lake City, the second to Portland. I land there at 2:55PM on the 23rd.

3 days, 4 planes, and more than 25 hours in the air... away we go!

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