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Monday, November 16, 2009

Away We Go...

As I am sitting here in the Portland airport I can't help but reflect on the journey I have gone on to get to this point. There are so many people to thank & they all know who they are. The emotional support, physical help, reservation assistance & overall love has been overwhelming. I know I am so very lucky to have all of you in my life. This truly is the opportunity of a lifetime & I am so grateful to have the chance to live this dream.

I am nervous, scared, excited & anxious to get to Asia. After I land in New Delhi, India I will be staying in a hostel for 3 days. The first full day I have there I will be meeting with some volunteers working with WWF India & they are going to take me around New Delhi & explore the sights. The second day I will be getting on a train & traveling to the Taj Mahal. There I will meet a guide who will take me to the monument & tour Agra. The final day I will travel to Bhutan where the plan is to spend the first 12 days briefing with WWF Bhutan.

Ok, time to board the flight. I love you all & can't wait to share this experience with you! I will post as often as I can & will watch for your comments. Please note the contact information listed on the side of the blog. Feel free to send me an email or chat with me on Skype!


  1. I hope everything goes well....wait I know everything will go've worked so hard to get here. I am looking forward to the day when I can read your blogs without tears rolling down my face....I'm nervous scared excited and anxious for you too. Mostly though I'm proud of you, I now this is a big deal and it's taken some real strength on your part to actually get to this place. YOU GO GIRL!!! I love you, Mom

  2. I just heard she made it to NY safely and a tad early. Ahead of schedule, imagine that. Hustling to make it over to her next plane. So far so good...

  3. You are so amazing! Smart, strong, and capable. Have a wonderful time and I cannot wait to see some awesome pictures!

    Love you,

    Aunt B

  4. It will great following your adventures on the bog. It will be good to know Where in the world is Kimi Adolph? Thanks for keeping us informed. - Peg