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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Made It!

I have made it to Bumthang! We went over mountains, into valleys, hiked in marshes, and crossed many rivers (or it may have been one river many times?). The 361km drive is done and I am finally in the “town” where I will be doing the bulk of the work. I am putting up a few pictures as a sampling of the amazing stops we made and promise to post the stories behind them later this week (but yes, those are black-necked cranes, one of the most rare and endangered animals on the planet! Wait until you get the story behind that picture! )

It is quite cold, a thin layer of frost covers some plants but the sun is shining and it is dry. Tonight I will be staying a hotel since we arrive at 4:30pm on Sunday and there won’t be enough light left to get me moved into the house where I will be living.

I am here with a WWF Bhutan driver as well as the Deputy Director of the Eastern Himalays Eco-Region for the WWF USA and his wife. Tomorrow morning we will all head over to WCP headquarters and meet with D.S. Rai. He is the MoA manager for the park and the person I will be working closest with for the next few months. Then the other three will head back to Thimphu and the real fun starts!

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