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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Out & About

I had already decided earlier in the week that I wanted to walk to Wangdichholing Dzong. It was listed in the

Lonely Planet Guide as one of the places to see in Bumthang. However, I overestimated the time it would take to walk there and what was supposed to take a few hours took just over one. I wandered around a bit and found the 19th century palace had long been neglected. I was a little disappointed in my self-planned adventure and wanted to do more with my day.

As I turned to head back up to the main road I noticed the Jakar Dzong (built in the 16th century) up on a hill overlooking the valley. I checked my guidebook to make sure it was open to visitors (some are not) and headed that way. It was quite rewarding when I got to the top (256 stairs later) as the main courtyard overlooked the entirety of Chokhor Valley. I walked around for a bit and heard children laughing. Following the sounds through some creaking wooden doors, I came upon young monks playing soccer in one of the courtyards. Most of the dzongs are now used as schools for those pursuing a career in the religion, as well as local government offices.

I took the opposite staircase down to the main part of town because I wasn't quite ready to head home just yet. I hadn't been down to the river so I made my way there and stopped for a snack (an apple, wheat crackers and water).

Some WWF staff in Thimphu had told me there was a Swiss farm in Bumthang and they usually had an assortment of fresh goods for purchase. Well, I found the place and was rewarded with the lovely fresh gouda I am currently nibbling on.. with cut apples of course!

After I came home I discovered I had walked about 10 miles, but I still have no idea the change in elevations. Another sunny Saturday well spent! Now only if we could get this power thing worked out... the winds are wreaking havoc on the lines!

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