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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tid Bits of Perspective

These are a few little pieces of information that I just have to share, but don’t really make up an entire post on their own.

1.     1. Mornings when I wake up to a frozen ground are days destined to be a little more difficult. Typically that means the water is still frozen, so I will have none flowing through the pipes until 10 or so.

2.     2. The highest count of bug bites peaked last week at around 75, but I think I now have a control on it with precisely placed insect repellant sprays each night. So thankful I brought Calamine Lotion!

3.     3. Last weekend’s excursion to go find the red pandas was put on hold because we couldn’t drive to the trail heads 50km away… the town ran out of gas.

4.     4. Every morning I wake up to some form of livestock grazing in front of the apartment. Usually cows, but there have been horses and donkeys. They are also ever present outside my office windows.

Looking forward to expected snowfall on Thursday!!


  1. Kimi,
    This is a great stuff. It is wonderful to see your perspectives change, your identity and assimilation with the locals grow collectively, and hear about your experiences. You are a wonderful writer, please keep the stories coming.
    Chris Pedersen

    p.s. I am down in St. Maarten with my girfriend, and a member from Nsync came and partied with some of us and you were the first person to pop in my head!

  2. I love the little tidbits. Can't imagine what it is like to have as many bites as you have had. THANK GOODNESS is right, about having enough calamine lotion. - Aunt Peg