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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Learning How to Bend

I am beginning to think there may be no actual point in making any kind of plans, because they are just going to keep changing! Another thing to learn.. one must be flexible! The trip to Ura and Thrumshingla National Park finally took place on Monday morning. It was planned that we would stay overnight and go into the forest with a ranger who had a little more experience in the area than Kinga. Upon our arrival we found the Chief Forestry Officer and the rangers were all gone to a meeting. Alas we only spent one day in Ura but were able to visit the monastery there and did some hiking along some roadside trails. 

Kinga informed me that if I want to see animals I need to get to Royal Manas National Park. That park is about 10 hours away and is on the border with northern India... needless to say, I am working on it. 

He wanted me to be happy though so he planned a cultural excursion for Tuesday and another long hike Thursday through Friday. Tuesday was great! We saw some new places including Membartsho, Mani Dungkhor, Chakhar Lhakhang, and Namke Nyingpo Goemba (I am standing on the courtyard of this monastery in the first photo). Kinga also insisted we visit some places I had found on my own because we could go inside and he could tell me more about them. This was great advice because it makes a huge difference once you get through the doors! So back I went to Wangdichholing Dzong, Jampey Lhakhang, and Kurjey Lhakhang.

It was a busy day and I will put up a few posts on some of the individual highlights from the tour. 

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  1. You look great Kimi! I love the pictures with you in them....I'm so glad you're still having a good time. I can't wait to see you in March.


    PS Why is the font so much smaller in this post? Aunt B want to know if you can get her on the email list to notify when a new post is up.