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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back in Thimphu

I safely returned to Thimphu on Friday the 19th. It is strange to be living in a hotel again... a complete 180 from how life was in Bumthang.

Bhutan is celebrating the King's 30th birthday this week, so all the offices are closed until the 24th. Saturday there was a celebration put on by the different schools in the city, but the King was in a different dzongkhag. A few days off to catch up on sleep, family chats, and get reacquainted with the city has been great.

From here I will go to Punakha on the morning of the 24th for the first festival of the year. The arrival of the festival season also means the arrival of tourists. I have seen many more foreigners walking around town and stores are open later than the first time I was here. This short trip puts work off for another week and then it will be 3 weeks of projects before boarding the planes for home!

I was able to Skype with Mom and Aunt Barbara yesterday while watching the USA beat Canada in the Olympic Games... how different from Bumthang!


  1. It was so nice "seeing" you again! Love the photos!

  2. I really like this photo!