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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lost in Translation

America - Bhutan

Do you have plans tonight? - What is your program?
I will come and get you at 7. - I will pick you at 7.
Hi. This is Kimi. (phone) - Hello. I am Kimi.
We will go to Thimphu Thursday. - On Thursday we will move to Thimphu.
We will stay in Ura for one night. - For one night we will halt in Ura.
Can you move that box? - That box needs to be shifted.
What would you like to eat? - What will you take for dinner?

Other language quirks

You do not say good-bye on the phone, simply hang-up at the end of the conversation.

Laso or la is similar to ok and said many times by the listener. 

There is no "tonight," rather "today evening."

When someone is leaving for a trip you say "safe journey."

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