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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kadinche Bumthang...

Another change in plans and I am leaving Bumthang three days earlier than planned. I'm a little bummed by this since we planned a farewell picnic with the entire staff for Saturday, but my vehicle arrives on Thursday and we head out on Friday.

I can't believe I am saying goodbye to everyone here already. It seems like just yesterday I was stumbling about not knowing who I could talk to, how to communicate to buy food, or where anything was. While every step of this trip has introduced me to something knew and helped a new piece of the puzzle of who I am fall into place, Bumthang will always be the "it" place for me. The people have been more welcoming and accepting than I ever could have imagined. If they were able to learn half as much from me as I have from them, my job will be well done.

It was here, in my solitude, I read the books that opened the doors to the best parts of me. It was here I saw firsthand the loving kindness and compassion all Buddhists speak of. It was here I am leaving all the negativity and ignorance of the shadows of my past that have so long haunted me. So this chapter of the story is done. Much more is to be written for sure, but my life has forever been changed, my heart completely touched by the beauty that lives in the people and environments of Bumthang. Kadinche (Thank you)

I saw that it was better to be true than to be strong... I was saved and I had won my freedom. This freedom which I shall never lose has given me the rare joy of loving. A new and splendid life has opened before me.

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