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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Camera Trapping

Camera trapping is a method used to identify species & individuals in a certain location. For our purposes, we were just using the cameras for one night to see if we could identify any specific species within The Royal Botanical Park in Lanpherli.  They are commonly used in one-month periods or longer, then rotated to cover more area & the home ranges of carnivores. The locals at WWF Bhutan had never set-up the cameras so Jan & Ute decided to take them out to show them how it all works.

The cameras are in plastic housings that are made to look like a tree. When an animal passes in front of the infared beam it triggers the camera to fire. It will only go off every 30 seconds so it won’t take multiple shots of the same animal.  We set four traps, but only one camera caught any wildlife: a muntjac (barking deer) & blood pheasant. 

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