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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ideal Outcomes & Objectives

Today I received the revised document stating the desired outcomes from WWF Bhutan. This was developed when Tashi (the Communications Officer) and I spoke about my goals and specific skill set.

The Wangchuck Centennial Park Manager arrives at the office on Wednesday (December 2nd). I will have a meeting with him in which we decide if I will depart Thursday or Friday for the park. I will return to Thimphu at the end of February and spend the last month compiling my work and completing the second part of my internship.

At Wangchuck Centennial Park (December thru February):
* Prepare communications package for the Nomad's Festival (annual festival)
* Assist with preparation and development for communications and public information packets for WCP
* Create brochures and visitor information fliers for all aspects of WCP
* Develop a photographic database for WCP to be used for the park's current and future communication works
* Assist with any other field work at the request of WCP management

At WWF Bhutan (March):
* Train WWF staff on basic photography skills for picture taking in the field
* Assist in re-development of WWF Bhutan website

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  1. Wow.....they certainly selected the right person for this assignment. Work hard, have fun and keep smiling. Dad