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Friday, November 20, 2009

Bhutan's Beauty

I woke up on Friday morning ready to get moving on the next part of my adventure. India was an astounding place with plenty to see and experience, but I knew my big adventure was awaiting me in Bhutan. Though I was running late for the plane, my hostel manager assured me it would not be a problem.. he was right. Despite the traffic jams that seem to be never ending on Delhi's main roads, I arrived with plenty of time.

DrukAir operates on more of a "we-will-takeoff-when-we-are-ready" philosophy anyway. The amount of luggage I was bringing was also a concern due to the websites strict 20kg only policy. But a small fee was assessed and all my baggage hitched a ride to Bhutan.

That airplane ride was like nothing I have ever experienced. Never before I have I not wanted a plane to land. Turbulence was a problem, but the views were stunning. Once we flew out of India and over Nepal the smog dispersed, clouds parted, and the most majestic mountain landscape came into view. Snow-capped mountain tops peeked through low lying mist, evergreen trees covered every possible surface, and the only sign of human life was the prayer flags that dotted the hillside. We cruised over the Himalayas and the enormity of Mt. Everest was heart-stopping.

As we began our descent more examples of human inhabitants came into focus. Whipping prayer flags, ornate buildings that appeared to be carved into the mountainside, leveled rice fields and roads with more camels than cars were our first introduction to Bhutan. The tin roofs were covered in drying green and red chilies.. something I have come to learn this region is famous for. As the plane touched down on a short runway, I couldn't help but notice the fact we had literally landed in a canyon. Steep mountainsides rose up from the North and South. We disembarked directly onto the tarmac and were greeted by Bhutanese officials dressed in ghos and keras (their traditional costume).

The feeling of peace and serenity permeates this country.. and I can't help but to feel it wash over me. Standing on the tarmac in what may be the world's most beautiful country, it finally hit me that I was here, starting a new adventure, writing the next chapter of my life and it was destined to be an amazing one.

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  1. Beautiful writing Kimi Thanks!I could see it all as you 'spoke'. :-)