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Friday, November 20, 2009

Land of the Thunder Dragon

I have safely made it to Bhutan where I will spend my next 123 days. My first 12 are in Thimphu getting acquainted & working out of the main office. We work 9-5, Monday through Friday & my colleagues want to make sure I see as much of their country as possible. No doubt I will be busy, but each night I will be able to edit more photos & post more stories.. I already have so many to tell!

After that it's off to a different part of Bhutan than originally thought, much farther north. But on the plus side, photography is going to play a much bigger role in my assignment. No complaints here! Until the next post..

Miss you all!


  1. How could you possibly miss us! It's all so exciting! But you're sweet to say you do! ;-)
    It was GREAT to talk to you this morning!