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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Quick Who's Who

Just a few tid-bits so everyone knows who I am referring to in the posts and how they fit in this tale. I will update this as I meet more people.

Yangchi - Assistant to the Communications Director at WWF Bhutan. She has been my "tour guide" so far  and we are about the same age. She was born in India to Bhutanese parents and returned only 3 years ago to work in Bhutan.

Dechen - Assistant Programs Officer. She is a good friend of Yangchi's and their biographies are identical.

Jan  - One of two consultants working with WWF Bhutan. He is originally from Kansas, but has two sisters that live in Tualatin, Oregon (small world!). He has been living here for almost a year with his wife Ute. They are field researchers both working towards PhD's. Their next stop is Laos, after a quick stop home.

Ute - One of two consultants working with WWF Bhutan. She is originally from Germany, but has been working in the field for over two years. She has been to Poland, the UK, South Africa and the US.

Subash - Deputy Director of the Eastern Himalayas Eco-Region for WWF US.

Pema - WWF Bhutan driver

Tshering - WWF Bhutan Finance and Accounts Manager

DS Rai - Chief Forestry Officer for Wangchuck Centennial Park (my boss)

Mano - DS Rai's eldest son (23)

Baddham - DS Rai's younger son (19)

Cheten - works in His Majesty's Wellness Office and has offered to take me to see sights in Bumthang (no longer will be seeing him)

Kinga - forester for WCP. My guide and new friend for the Bumthang Valley

Gyaltsen - Kinga's best friend and also our taxi driver for all the excursions


  1. I saw your videos. You could tell there was fun in the air. I love that you danced the hokey pokey with a new group. Very fun. Keep those stories coming.

  2. dear kim... we expect u again in our country..mano here!